One day, our world will end.

One day, life as we know it will be over and there is nothing that makes us feel more alive. Tales of the End of the World is a series of inter-connected stories that celebrate life coming to an end. Four stories that look at the end of the world from some very different perspectives, mixing gloom with a wicked sense of humour and a whole lot of humanity.

The stories tackle a wide range of topics, from sexuality and Alzheimer’s to simply surviving with a failed relationship. But most of all, our Tales of the End of the World are meant to entertain you.

Our first season, our first tale, Fall-Out, features two gorgeous British actors, Daniel Boys and David Paisley, and has already made it into festivals ranging from the Dutch Film Festival to Inside Out Toronto. Work on the second season, The 50th Anniversary of Harold & Esmeralda, is already underway, with just as exciting a cast.

Enjoy and see you at The End!

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